Post Bariátrica

Post Bariatric

When a person gains excessive weight and his Body Mass Index rises above 35, the person is no longer a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.  Gastric sleeve surgery is a quick and effective option.  Dr. Hector Shibao performs this surgery, resecting the stomach via laparoscopy with the help of a mechanical stapler.

The result can be noticed after 6 months to a year, with gradual weight loss that can reach 20 to 40 kg. of overweight reduction.  This leaves sagging skin ready for the Plastic Surgeon’s intervention. 

Resection of the remaining skin flaps should be performed by a plastic surgeon with experience in these cases. It should not be performed by the same general surgeon who performs the bariatric surgery, neither by an untrained plastic surgeon.

Dr. Martinez has wide experience in post bariatric patients who require the following procedures:

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is one of the problems suffered by post-bariatric patients.  During the slimming process, it is necessary to ensure to receive vitamin shots since it will no longer be absorbed as a result of the performed surgery.

It is important that the patient have a healthy hemoglobin level at the time of the consultation with Dr. Martinez.

It is also important to understand that although the patients may require a wide range of surgeries, not all of them can be performed the same day.  The decision about which surgeries can be combined and at what times they can be performed must be made with the doctor.


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