Liposucción de Alta Definición HD Masculina

Liposuction in high definition or Lipo HD is a liposculpture technique that combines medical technology and art. Only a trained surgeon with artistic vision can perform this highly complex technique. Dr. Martínez is the only Peruvian plastic surgeon who has trained side by side with the creator of the technique, Dr. Hoyos in Bogotá, Colombia. The doctor uses state-of-the-art VASER technology and PAL Vibro liposuction to achieve a highly defined abdomen as if you had been in the gym all your life. The candidates are patients who have a medium or normal body mass index who are not overweight and even better if they are patients who already exercise their body.

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High Definition (HD) Male Liposuction

High-definition liposuction (hi-def liposuction) technique has been created to give men that much desired manly body.

Nowadays men look for a more muscular body. That’s how it looks on current magazine covers… How to achieve this look? Sometimes we don’t have time to go to the gym and we still want to look muscular and manly.

+ - What does it involve?

It is a liposuction where fat is removed and muscle edges are shaped. Whether you want a well-defined look with a more masculine six pack or you want a moderately defined look with lateral edges of the rectum and midline,

High Definition liposculpture is currently the best procedure to shape your body.

+ - You must consider

There always exists plain liposuction. If you do not need to score your abs muscles, you can remove some fat using high-definition techniques to look muscled. After any liposculpture, resting and lymphatic drainage massages are required throughout the post operative period.

The key for good results of High-Definition liposuction is eating healthy and resting during the postoperative period.


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