Ear surgery in Lima

Otoplasty is a surgery that involves the correction of defects in the auricles. Defects may be congenital or acquired.

Congenital defects include:


When a patient has very small and rudimentary ears, reconstructive surgery with rib cartilage should be performed. Another option is the use of a prosthesis shaped to the same color and shape as the contralateral ear.


When the patient does have an auricle, but it is deficient to support the upper part of the helix and folds forward forming a cavernous shape. This surgery involves a structural correction. Dr. Martinez published an article on a new technique in Diagnóstico magazine.

Protruding Ear

One of the most common malformations in which the antihelix is not formed and the ear looks opened. Sometimes it may be combined with a different range of curvatures of the shell area. Patients will seek to pull the ear back toward the mastoid so that the lateral projection of the ear may not be too visible.

Acquired defects include:


Avulsions caused by trauma or bite. In these cases, the magnitude of the existing defect is evaluated, since it can go from a suture to the loss of skin, fat or cartilage, in which case the patient will need reconstructive surgery.


Ears can be stretched by the use of heavy earrings to the point of ripping the ear hole. Also, keloids may appear on the edge of the helix, which may become deforming as a result of new holes in this area. Both cases require surgical correction and sometimes application of corticosteroids.


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