Cirugía Plástica Martínez was created under the concept of a specialized boutique-clinic, exclusively focused on providing aesthetic surgery services.  The clinic can offer state-of-the-art technological advancements for aesthetic surgery given its specialty.


We are currently facing the Covid-19pandemic.  This virus is highly contagious and lethal. Since our reopening on June 8, 2020, after 3 months in quarantine, we have permanently followed the established protocols.

Body temperature of each person entering our facilities is measured, followed by disinfection with a very low solution of quaternary ammonium and finally hands have to be washed with an alcohol-based sanitizer.


Every patient who attends a consultation should undergo a Rapid Antigen Swab Test. Only then you will be able to access our facilities.

Once you test negative for Covid-19, you will be ready to enter, then you will put on shoe covers.

Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes to keep the reception area capacity as low as possible.

Swab tests are performed on hospital employees every month to ensure that the environment is Covid free.


Operating Room

Dr. Martinez is a registered General Practitioner with MD ID number CMP 42467 and also registered as Specialist Plastic Surgeon with registration ID number RNE 20164.  Having all the necessary accreditation and experience, she can perform the procedures of her specialty in her clinic with local and loco-regional anesthesia.

The most stringent safety protocols are followed by every patient undergoing an intervention:

  • Pre, Intra and Post-Operative use of custom-made Anti-Embolism stockings for 7 days.
  • Intermittent compression is applied to the lower extremities throughout the procedure.
  • Use of Cardiovascular Multiparametric Monitor to provide oxygen saturation, blood pressure and ventilation parameters, continuously supervised by an anesthesiologist throughout the procedure.
  • We are also equipped with automatic defibrillators, continuous-flow anesthesia machines and mechanical ventilators.
  • Our liposuction and fat grafting procedures are performed on MICROAIRE Microvibrator, which is unique in Peru, assuring a homogenous result.  Infiltration with infusion pump, vibrated suction and closed system for fat collection, as in the world’s top clinics.
sala de operaciones clinica

Postoperative Services

We offer a highly efficient cosmetic service for the postoperative period after liposuction. We provide ultrasound, thermotherapy and passive gymnastics. These treatments are excellent for successful liposuction results. 



Laboratorio Mangini Lab: Conducts laboratory tests for all our patients, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 10 am.

Grupo de Cardiología Bayon: They perform cardiological surgical risk examinations on all our patients. If necessary, intraoperative monitoring is performed by the cardiology team.

Banco de sangre Clínica Ricardo Palma: This blood bank has been providing us with blood units since 2016 for all our patients who require it, with an excellent service.

Farmagreen: This company dedicated to the collection of hazardous solid waste has been working with us to provide our clinic with security in our facilities.


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Calle Tutumo 194 Urb. Los Rosales, Santiago de Surco Lima – Perú.