This procedure is used to shape the body by removing fat deposited in certain specific areas.

Liposculpture Microaire PAL

Liposculpture Microaire PAL procedure is the removal of body fat through small openings in the skin. This procedure is performed with 3 to 4 mm thick cannulas.

Dr. Martinez’s newest technique to perform Liposculpture is called SAL (Suction Assisted Liposculpture) and is based on the extraction of fat by a vacuum suction system using a cannula and a syringe.


Autologous Fat Grafting

Autologous Fat Grafting is a procedure that goes together with liposculpture surgery. Once the fat is collected by traditional or Vaser liposuction, it is processed and decanted to be grafted in its pure form. All the fatty tissue obtained contains stem cells and these don’t need to be separated from the fat matrix, since our purpose is to gain volume.

High Definition (HD) Female Liposuction

High-Definition Liposuction or HD Lipo is a liposculpture technique that combines medical technology and art. Only a trained surgeon with an artistic vision can perform this highly complex technique.  The only Peruvian plastic surgeon who has trained alongside the creator of this technique, Dr. Hoyos in Bogota, Colombia, is Dr. Martinez. She uses state-of-the-art VASER and Vibrolipoaspiration PAL technology to achieve a highly defined abdomen like that of someone who spent a lifetime working out in the gym.

What does it involve?

It is a liposuction where fat is removed and muscle edges are shaped.

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