Chin Augmentation

Chin is one of the most important parts of the lower third of your face. Alignment of chin in relation to your lip is important for a well harmonized profile. Different types of implants are available and they are chosen according to the width of the patient’s bones. Chin augmentation can also be performed with hyaluronic acid filler; however, the implants are recommended as they give a better shape and will last forever.

For chin augmentation with implants, surgery is performed in the submandibular area to adequately reach the bone surface where the prosthesis will be placed. Results are visible after 07 days when the bandage is removed. The resulting scar is not visible to the naked eye


Anatomical silicone prosthesis

Chin implants are the best option to obtain a good jaw length and to contour your face. We use pre-fabricated, factory sterilized, hard silicone implants.  These implants are inserted through a submental incision in a pocket made under the periosteum. They are fixed to the periosteum with non-absorbable suture and they last forever.

Implants are 1 cm wide anteroposteriorly, and vary in their lateral size, depending on the patient’s bone width. The decision of the implant size is made during the consultation by measuring or trying different sizes on the patient’s chin.

The surgery is performed quickly, it takes 30 minutes and after discharge the patient goes home bandaged for a week.

Then, the bandage is replaced by a surgical chin strap which will be used for about 15 additional days.

After one month, the patient is fully able to carry out normal activities.


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