Aumento de Labios

Lip Augmentation

Lips augmentation and reshaping is a very usual procedure among our patients. Most of the patients who undergo this procedure are women, however some men also choose to undergo it. Lips are one of the most important and striking elements of the facial center when we look at someone for the first time.

Thin lips may require volume in both the upper and lower lip. However, some lips may also have adequate volume, but not a very good shape. Cupid’s bow at the vermilion border may not be well shaped or may not have well defined philtrum ridges and it may result in a flattened upper lip. Asymmetries may also be present between the right and left midface or may be lower lip is too much thicker than the upper lip or vice versa.

Augmentation and shaping
with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent product to add volume, to outline the rim, shape the philtrum and cupid’s bow. Even though it is a resorbable product, it gives an excellent result without causing lumps, deformations or migrations. Patients are always awake during the application so that they can observe the results obtained in each step of the process and thus they can decide to go for more volume in the areas they desire.

Prosthetic Augmentation

The lip prosthesis of Cirugía Plástica Martínez is a unique item in Peru. The prosthesis designed exclusively for the lip is placed inside the orbicularis muscle, obtaining a definitive volumizing result. There is prosthesis available in different widths depending on the desired volume level. The procedure is performed using local anesthesia, through the creation of a tunnel within the orbicularis muscle and using a special technique of sliding the prosthesis through the tunnel. Recovery time is one week.

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