Aumento Estético con Prótesis

Aesthetic Augmentation with implants

Cohesive silicone gel breast implants are recommended for women who haven’t developed substantial breast tissue during puberty. For this reason, women must be at least 18 years old to undergo this procedure.

Women often seek to improve their figure with breast implants.

During the consultation, patients choose the size and characteristics of the implants they wish to have along with Dr. Martinez.

It is very important to show the patient pictures of operated patients with similar body features (chest width, previous breast size, height), so they have a clear idea of the effect of different implant sizes.

A model and hostess from Venezuela, Andrea Zanettin came with us for a breast augmentation to enhance her career. 

She is a professional dancer and her body shape is an important part of her presentations. 


Size really matters!

During the consultation Dr. Martínez extensively talks with the patients. A size of 300 to 400 cc is typically chosen by patients that are medium height and have a thin to medium chest. However, some patients may choose smaller or even larger sizes. Saline implants and large sizes above 500 cc are not widely available in our country. These prostheses usually need to be separated in advance if they are wanted.  In the past, Dr. Martinez used 3D computer programs to simulate breast augmentation at the consultation, but it was dismissed since the images obtained didn’t’t show an accurate representation of the patient’s body and the real final result. The surgical technique used by Dr. Martinez is the periareolar approach. Based on the anatomy of the patient, implants can be placed in a subglandular, subfacial or subpectoral plane. There are different quality types of implants, such as smooth, textured, microtextured or polyurethane. The choice of the type of prosthesis is also made together with the patient. After undergoing surgery, some women may develop capsular contracture, which is why there are different implant textures.

Dr. Martinez’s personal philosophy regarding capsular contracture

Capsular contracture has no clear cause. Some believe that it is caused by bacterial contamination of the pocket and others believe that the implant texture significantly reduces the rate of contracture. After analyzing scientific studies and observations on our own patients, Dr. Martinez believes that polyurethane implants do significantly reduce the rate of contracture. Likewise, the use of antibiotic irrigation solution in the implant pocket also has a similar effect. A polyurethane implant can be used when the size of the implant desired by the patient does not exceed 400 cc. For larger volumes, smooth or microtextured implants are more appropriate. The treatment of capsular contracture is performed by changing the implant, removing the capsular tissue found, expanding the pocket, using internal antibiotics and grafting periprosthetic fat. If the prosthesis is placed in the subglandular plane, it can be moved to the subpectoral plane.

Breast Implants

Dr. Martinez has been using silicone gel cohesive breast implants in that procedure for 12 years, she has had the experience of using different prostheses: smooth, textured, micro-textured, polyurethane, as well as different shapes, such as round and anatomical. Breast implant placement does not seem to be a difficult procedure. However, only a few surgeons, including Dr. Martinez, can achieve a natural-looking breast with an implant.  Whereas plane location, size and approach technique are important, since the MOTIVA nano textured implants with blue barrier and chip arrived in Peru, they have become so important that Dr. Martinez can't stop using them.


It is the first time that I feel that a breast implant fulfills all the features that a patient would like to have, especially the remarkably low capsular contracture rate.

María del Carmen Martínez MD

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